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Radka Denemarková, born 1968, is a Czech novelist, dramatist, TV screenplay writer, translator, essayist, teacher of creative writing. The only Czech writer who has received Magnesia Litera prizes three times (in different categories – for prose, non-fiction and translation). She studied German and Czech at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University, gaining her doctorate in 1997. She worked as a researcher at the Institute for Czech Literature of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and was dramatic advisor at the Na zábradlí theatre in Prague. She has been freelance since 2004. She is the author of Sám sobě nepřítelem / Being My Own Enemy (1998; a monograph about theatre and film director Evald Schorm), Ohlédnutí za Milenou Honzíkovou /Remembering Milena Honzíková (2003; in: Dopis zmizelému / Letter to the One Who Disappeared) and is the editor of the anthology Zlatá šedesátá / The Golden Sixties (2000). Her debut work of fiction A já pořád kdo to tluče / The Devil by the Nose was published in 2005, followed a year later by the novel Peníze od Hitlera / Money from Hitler (winner of the prestigious Magnesia Litera prize for the year’s best work of prose). The Polish edition of the latter work was nominated for the Angelus Prize (2009), while the German edition Ein herrlicher Flecken Erde (DVA 2011) won the Usedom Prize for Literature (2011) and Georg Dehio Prize (2012). For the monograph Smrt, nebudeš se báti aneb Příběh Petra Lébla / You Will not be Afraid of Death: The Story of Petr Lébl (2008) she won a Magnesia Litera for the year’s best work of non-fiction. In 2010 the Na zábradlí theatre produced her play Spací vady / Sleeping Disorders. For her rendering of Nobel Prize winner Herta Müller’s Atemschaukel (Czech title: Rozhoupaný dech), Radka Denemarková won the 2011 Magnesia Litera for translation of the year. Her double novel Kobold: An Abundance of Tenderness / An Abundance of People was published in 2011. In autumn 2014 she published a novel Příspěvek k dějinám radosti / A Contribution to History of Joy. Her book US 2 / MY 2 (2014) was filmed (directed by Slobodanka Radun, premiered November 2014). Radka Denemarková’s works have been translated into 19 languages. She lives in Prague with daughter Ester and son Jan.

Agent: Peter S. Fritz




2003 nominated for Alfred Radok Prize (for dramaturgical achievement, production of Thomas Bernhard’s play Heldenplatz [Heroes’ Square]. Divadlo Na zábradlí, directed by Juraj Nvota).

2005 Europäisches Festival des Debütromans (European Festival of the First Novel) in Kiel (the novel A já pořád kdo to tluče / The Devil by the Nose).

2007 Lenka Reinerová scholarship, writer in residence, Wiesbaden, Germany (Literaturhaus Villa Clementine).

2007 Magnesia Litera Prize for the best prose work of the year (for the novel Peníze od Hitlera / Money from Hitler).

2008 writer in residence, Berlin, Germany (Literarisches Colloquium Berlin).

2009 Magnesia Litera Prize for the best book in the category of journalism (for the documentary novel Smrt, nebudeš se báti aneb Příběh Petra Lébla / Death, thou shall not be afraid alias the Story of Petr Lébl).

2009 nominated for Josef Škvorecký Prize (for the documentary novel Death, Thou Shall not Be Afraid: the Story of Petr Lébl).

2009 nominated for the Angelus Central European Literary Prize, Poland (for the novel Money from Hitler).

2010 writer in residence, Graz, Austria (Kulturvermittlung Steiermark, Internationales Haus der Autoren Graz).

2011 Usedomer Literaturpreis (Usedom Literature Prize) awarded by German literary critics (for the novel Money from Hitler). Laudatio: Hellmuth Karasek.

2011 Magnesia Litera Prize for the best translation ­of Herta Müller’s Atemschaukel (Rozhoupaný dech).

2011 nominated for Josef Škvorecký Prize (for the double novel Kobold).

2011 writer in residence, Usedom (Ahlbeck, Ahlbecker Hof), Germany.

2012 Annual Mladá fronta Publishing House Award for the translation of Herta Müller’s Herztier (Srdce bestie).

2012 Georg-Dehio-Buchpreis (Georg Dehio Book Prize), Germany, Berlin (for the novel Money from Hitler). Laudatio: Andreas Kossert.

2012 nominated for the Czech Book Prize 2012 (for the double novel Kobold).

2012 nominated for the Most Beautiful Book Prize (for graphic design), International Book Fair in Frankfurt am Main (the double novel Kobold).

2014 writer in residence, Škocjan on the Karst, Slovenia.

2014 book mentioned in the Lidové noviny newspaper survey “Literary Event of the Year 2014” (for novel A Contribution to the History of Joy).

2015 nominated for the Czech Book Prize 2015 (for novel A Contribution to the History of Joy).

2016 WALD Press AWARD (for literary work which not only explores new possibilities for the literary form of the novel itself, it also boldly breaks taboos by dealing with themes concerning society’s especially weak and vulnerable).

2017 writer in residence “Graz City Writer 2017/2018”, Graz, Austria.


A já pořád kdo to tluče / The Devil by the Nose

Peníze od Hitlera / Money from Hitler

  • Hungarian edition: Hitler pénze. Translated by Klára Körtvélyessy, Európa, 2009.
  • Polish edition: Pieniądze od Hitlera. Translated by Tomasz Timingeriu and Olga Czernikow, Oficyna Wydawnicza ATUT, Wroclaw 2008. Nominated for the Angelus Prize, April 2009.
  • German edition: Ein herrlicher Flecken Erde. Translated by Eva Profousová, DVA, Random House, Munich, September 2009.
  • English edition: Money from Hitler. Translated by Andrew Oakland, Women’s Press, Toronto, Canada, November 2009.
  • Slovenian edition: Denar od Hitlerja. Translated by Tatjana Jamnik. Modrijan, Ljubljana 2010.
  • Anthology in Portuguese language: Elas escrevem (Antologia de Pontos tchecos contemporaneos escritos por mulheres). Thesaurus, 2010, Brasil (anthology of Czech female writers. A chapter from the book Money from Hitler).
  • Italian edition: I soldi di Hitler. Translated by Angela Zavettieri. Keller editore, Torino 2012.
  • Moldavian anthology of contemporary Czech literature: Coama leului pe pernă (And a Head of a Lion on the Pillow). Translated by Lidia Našincová. Chişinău, 2013.
  • Bulgarian edition: Pari ot Hitler. Translated by Jordanka Trifonova. Afterword by Dobromir Grigorov. Elias Canetti, Ruse. December 2013.
  • Spanish edition: El dinero de Hitler. Translated by Elena Buixaderas. Galaxia Gutenberg, Barcelona 2015.
  • Macedonian edition: Parite od Hitler. Translated by Margareta Karajanova. Begemot, Skopje 2016.
  • Swedish edition: Pengar från Hitler. Translated by Karin Eriksson.  Aspekt Vörlag, Vallentuna 2016.
  • Rights sold to: Editions du Bord de l’eau, France; Flower City Publishing House, China; Hena Com, Croatia; Ejal, Albania

Kobold: Přebytky něhy / Přebytky lidí
Kobold: Abundance of Tenderness / Abundance of People

  • Slovenian edition: Kobold. Presežki ljudi / Presežki nežnosti. Translated by Tatjana Jamnik. Modrijan, Ljubljana 2013.
  • Translation of a fragment into German: KOBOLD. Translated by Eva Profousová. Manuskripte. 30. 6. 2011. Austria.
  • Translation of a fragment into German: DREI FRAUEN. Neue Literatur aus Tschechien. Translated by Eva Profousová. die horen. Zeitschrift für Literatur, Kunst und Kritik. 245/2012, 57. Jahrgang. March 2012.
  • Translation of a fragment into English: KOBOLD. Translated by Julia Sherwood. Word without borders. New York, USA.
  • Rights sold to: Książkowe Klimaty, Poland

Příspěvek k dějinám radosti / A Contribution to the History of Joy

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